Sexual Transmutation

Sexual Transmutation

Sex is an interesting concept if thought about holistically, and if one has a colourful imagination to visualise possibilities associated with it. As prevalent and ubiquitous as it is, speaking about sex is almost a taboo. The core values of our local culture are gradually being refined and westernised and so a reference to sex or its associated acts, these days, is actually more common place than before. However,  it is still a topic that many would consider as private; and I agree, but the truth is we all know so much about it, not speaking about it seems almost ludicrous!

This should be a brief article, because I should not know much about sex. The article, however, really is not about sex, but I think it is better to be open minded about having objective discussions on sex rather than being closeted about it, so that it is understood and appreciated as a natural healthy act or behaviour. Also, I’m not going to talk about the non-existence or otherwise of a personal sex life as that topic would really not add any value to anyone, but what I’d like to talk about is the concept of Sexual Transmutation. We all know what sex is. If you don’t, it means you don’t know how you came to be. For those who are not friends with their dictionary, and for the purpose of this write up, transmutation simply means the conversion of one form of energy into another.

I came across this concept whilst reading one of the greatest books ever written, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and my perception of sex, and my disposition towards discourse on the matter, has evolved. We know what energy is, rather, we have an idea of what energy is about, and we have also heard of the term ‘sexual energy’. This implies that there is some type of energy that ‘lies’ behind the phenomenon of sex.

Now, have you noticed that when a man is in pursuit of the fairer sex, he is usually at his best? When a man sees what he likes, and he desires it, his imagination grows (only his imagination?) He thinks up different ways to line his target in his cross hairs. If he is the type who tries to reach out with the written word, he is able to pen volumes of love notes to describe what he feels even though he despises writing down notes in class. If his adventure requires that he makes physical contact with the object of his desire, he devises means and methods to ensure that their paths cross. He is at his very best. He becomes creative! His energy levels are high. His sexual energy level is high, and he becomes driven to apply himself in a magnitude of action that he would not accord other tasks, such as thinking up a business plan. And if an agreement is reached, he expends himself and profits little or nothing from his (mis)adventure.

The concept of Sexual Transmutation elicits the question: is it not possible to apply this sexual (creative) energy to other useful endeavours besides having sex for sex sake? (By the way, this also applies to women). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sex is not useful, but I think sex should be used for only one of three things:  procreation, recreation, or prostitution(?). I am not a proponent or advocate of the last, but it is what it is. Also, it may be sometimes valuable to have intellectual discussions on sex outside the confines of what various religions dictate.

Back to Sexual Transmutation. Let’s remember that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. It can therefore be inferred that you have an energy (creative) reservoir which you can consciously tap from and apply to different purposes. This creative energy resides within us. For creative people, the energy contained in this reservoir can be accessed consciously/actively. For others, it is only when there is an obstacle preventing the satisfaction of a natural desire that they become creative. For example, hunger; when we are famished, we make food by combining different food groups which would seem strange to a food scientist (garri and mango). Sleep; there are people who are able to sleep on their feet and still appear to be alive. Sex, I already discussed that above. But unlike desires such as the need for food and sleep, satisfying our sexual needs rarely adds any profit to us, especially when we do it outside the three situations listed earlier. The desire for sex is so natural, it comes upon us sometimes when we least expect and has the tendency to overwhelm us every so often. It has been described as the most powerful human desire, because it actually takes control of your mind. Napoleon Hill says “So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that people run the risk of life and reputation to indulge in it”, and when you do give into it, you usually ask yourself afterwards why you did.

To have sex is one of the easiest things to do (I discovered this from research!). All you need is two people, and nothing else(?) But instead of behaving like a wild banshee and having sex because it is there to be had, why don’t you consider the long term benefit of using that energy to do something else that would be worth your while? I’m not advocating that you don’t have sex, but why not try to be responsible about it? I know this may sound silly to many (and i’ll confess that it sometimes irks me that I stumbled upon this concept), but often times, it’s silly things that have made people successful and wealthy. So is it worth a try?

Having sex for purposes other than procreation and recreation (with your consenting partner) only brings about immediate and temporary gratification, and could imply a lack of self control, which would also manifest in other areas of life, so maybe here we have a solution to better help with self control. I’m not suggesting that you excite yourself to a state of frenzy then go and develop business plans or solve cross word puzzles, but I’m saying if the desire comes upon you, consider how it might profit you to apply yourself in other projects you wish to progress. There is a lot to be done with life and in life, and a conscious application of time to things that would actually bring benefit is what we should all strive for.

I will not tell you that I have demonstrated extreme success in the practice of sexual transmutation but I would only urge you to think about it and consider applying it. If after such consideration, you are still inclined to go on a path that leads you no where, have yourself a ball!

Sexual Transmutation


  1. Makes a whole lot of Sense actually …. Like in physics, where we convert energy from one form to the other. Potential to Kinetic for example. All for the greater good of individuals.

  2. Science has successfully shown over the years that the part of the brain that sparks up just before, during and shortly after sex, are the same parts that spark up when anyone tries to think of creative and innovative ways to create or recreate stuff.
    Very relevant article, for as log as we look into that pix and not see the dog.

    1. Thanks for the comment Steve! It’s good when there’s science available to corroborate concepts. It’s even better when we are able to teach others how these concepts can be applied. Thanks again.

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